ADDRESS Rutherglen High School Langlea Road Cambuslang G72 8ES
CONTACT t.  0141 643 3480 f.  0141 643 3481 e.
School Staff
Management Team
Mrs Jan Allan
Head Teacher

Responsible to the Executive Director of Education Resources for the overall management of school, timetable, curriculum, child protection, look after accommodated children and Pastoral care. Curricular area – Science, Nurture Groups and World of Work.

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Mrs Geraldine Johnston
Depute Head Teacher

Curricular areas – Maths, English Technologies and RME College Provision S4,S5,&S6 Work Experience S5 & S6 Literacy (whole school) Numeracy (whole school) SQA Coordinator CPD Coordinator.

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Mr Guto Williams
Acting Principal Teacher

Pastoral care  S2 & S3 pupils.  Curriculum remit – Science, Outdoor Learning and S1 Induction.

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Mr Jamie Longworth
Principal Teacher

Pastoral care S1 & S4, Curricular remit – PE & Health & Well-Being, S1 Induction, Health & Well Being (whole school) and S3 Profile.

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Mrs Karen Watts
Principal Teacher

Pastoral care S5 & S6, Curricular remit – Expressive Arts, French, Social Subjects & RME,  Assemblies and Buddy Programme                     

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Art and Design       Miss Robertson                                         ICT                           Mr Dornan

Science                  Dr Millar                                                     Maths                       Mrs Nandi and Mr MacMahon

World of Work        Mrs Scholefield Mrs Bellingham                Supported Classes Miss Cumming, Mr Currie, Mr Smith Ms Hastie. 

Home Economics  Mrs Martin Miss Kettelhut                           P.E.                          Mrs Cresswell, Mrs Devlin Mrs Sclater Mr Longworth

English                   Miss McCormack, Ms Coyle Ms Hastie     Drama                     Mr Reavey                                   

Social Subjects      Mrs Robertson Mr MacDonald                   Music                      Mrs Steel

Technical                Mrs Mardones Mr Campbell                       RME                        Mrs Rosenberg

Reach Forward       Mr McLean Mrs Mardones Mrs Devlin      Support Team Leaders  Mr Eunson  Mrs McBride Miss Muir Mrs Naismith 
Office Miss Greenhorn Miss Vicker Miss Muir                          DYW Mrs Bellingham                                                                                                                

Rutherglen High School