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Welcome to the Home Economics Department.

In Rutherglen High the Home Economics department consists of Mrs McGowan, Mrs Martin and Miss Kettelhut. We utilise Curriculum for Excellence and SQA guidelines for a Broad General Education.

Home Economics is a valuable and important subject which gives young people a variety of essential life skills which will be useful for a whole range of employment and life opportunities. We work with many departments on cross curricular projects and help raise funds for a variety of projects.

Mrs McGowan

Mrs Martin

Miss Kettelhut
S1 to S3 is Broad General Education focuses on ready to cook routine, hygiene, and kitchen safety, and making exciting food dishes using the skills learnt in class.

S4 to S6 is the Senior Phase with a focus on National Qualifications such as Food preparation and Food health and wellbeing.

In S1 Home Economics Broad General Education (BGE), the pupils cover a range of topics which gives an introduction into the importance of food, health, and hygiene in everyday life. Pupils learn predominantly through practical hands on Cooking and Collaborative Teamwork.

In S2 the BGE continues. In practical cookery there is an emphasis on Safety and Hygiene in the kitchen. The relationship between food and health is studied and factors that affect food choice.

In S3 Mainly practical there is a focus on food storage and up to date dietary advice. This gives pupils the knowledge to create delicious products which will meet enhance lifestyle choices.

Pupils learn through a range of effective Learning and Teaching Strategies which include:

· Practical Cooking
· Self Evaluation of Practical skills
· Peer Assessment of Practical Skills
· Power points
· Design Briefs
· A variety of collaborative approaches are used by pupils to understand and complete coursework.

Assessment from S1 –S3

This takes the form of:-

· Practical skills observational checklists
· Peer and Self-Assessment
· End of unit tests
· Cooperative tasks allow for formative assessment by the teacher.

BGE in Home Economics leads on to:-

  • Food preparation                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • National 2 Food Health and Wellbeing
       ·  National 3 Hospitality Practical Cookery

SQA assessments for above courses.

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